Mobile Patrols

Having a static guard on site to protect your assets when you at not there is not always an affordable option. Mobile Patrols are a far less expensive, cost effective alternative that still provides a physical security presence to your site, giving you peace of mind when you are not there. Our patrol clients include a variety of locations from residential complexes to critical infrastructure sites. By using our Mobile Patrol Service, Eastside Protection can inspect your site to ensure:

  • All access points are secure and lock-fast.
  • That no unauthorised persons are on site
  • The identity of any persons working onsite after hours or safely escort them offsite when their work is completed.
  • Necessary access for contractors or staff outside of normal trading hours
  • Auto door entry, lift access and other security systems are operational after hours
  • Plant and equipment is operating normally and perform any necessary checks
  • The early detection of fire or flooding
  • A quick and effective response to any electronic security system
  • That the area is safe and that any WH&S or building maintenance issues identified are reported back to the client.

Every site requires a risk assessment performed by one of our Consultants prior to service commencing and at this stage we will recommend the most efficient cost effective solution to match your security needs.

We utilise the latest vehicles and technology to achieve excellent results with our patrol service. GPS and time management reporting is available to all clients for verification of services provided.

You will also be informed of any incident detected the following business day; however, we do insist that after hours’ contacts are provided should an emergency situation arise that you need to know about. 

By limiting the geographical boundaries of each patrol run we are able to offer one of the most effective and efficient mobile patrol services available in the security industry today.