Eastside Protection -
A Personalised Level of Service

At Eastside Protection we don’t try to be “all things to all people”. In fact, we are somewhat selective with our clientele simply to ensure that the security service we agree to provide to you, is delivered in accordance with your instructions, therefore ensuring the best possible outcome for each of our clients. The underpinning philosophy of our business is excellence in customer service.  

As with any service industry, the provision of physical security is extremely labour intensive. To assist us in achieving our goals, we become dependent on our staff, who we consider to be our most valuable asset. Our recruitment process and subsequent remuneration packages are two vital factors taken into consideration when assessing customer requirements. If you have experienced unsatisfactory service in the past through sub-standard guards and are looking for a superior, personalised security service, we would welcome your enquiry.

The majority of our staff are recruited from law enforcement or service related backgrounds, whilst others possess or are in the process of obtaining tertiary qualifications in various fields. Regardless of their antecedents, all staff is assessed and must be considered an appropriate match for the skill set of any employment role on offer. Naturally, they must also meet all current legislative requirements. This selection process can incorporate client involvement with each potential security officer vetted by the client prior to engagement. Specific instructions are then relayed to assigned staff prior to deployment and these instructions are overseen by our management team for the duration of the service.

When any security issue is detected, information will be relayed to you or your nominated contact as per your predetermined instructions, with asset protection and work health and safety always remaining our dominant focus.

Eastside Protection implements a flat management structure, providing clients with immediate access to a decision maker when necessary. This provides prompt action with minimal disruption to your mainstream business activity. We are well aware that your security requirements may change without notice and we are on-call to facilitate such changes.  

Eastside Protection runs a Quality Management System not only to maximise business efficiency but more importantly to monitor and continuously improve our service. Whilst the majority of our corporate clients require some form of contractual arrangement for security services provided, we also believe that “actions speak louder than words” and are more than happy to rely on our quality of service to ensure the retention of your business.