Control Room Operations

Outsourcing your control room operations can be a cost effective alternative to internal staffing. Having an external, independent, professional security company manage your own control room operations from your own premises or a remote location assists in promoting autonomy and ethical work practices within any security operation. With our staff reporting directly to the client but overseen by our own senior management team, our quality control systems and experience will ensure that your security operations are run, maintained and monitored to meet your expected standards and guidelines. 

With Eastside Protection sourcing, educating and managing the staff required for the role, your own staff resources can be more effectively utilised in other business areas within your portfolio. We have many years of experience in this field having been involved with the implementation, commissioning and ongoing management of control rooms covering a broad business spectrum. From Government critical infrastructure down to single manned security sites, we have the necessary systems and knowledge to ensure that the people and assets of your business receive the protection and service they deserve.

Our staff are experienced with all facets of electronic security systems, including, but no limited to, access control, CCTV operation, alarm monitoring, x-ray and scanning, drug and explosive detection. We are also capable of monitoring your building management systems and contractor movements as well. Regardless of the size of your operation, we have the capability to assist you in meeting your business objectives. 

Whilst the array of electronic security software and hardware available in today’s marketplace is vast and varied, the desired results can only be achieved by having the right people behind your control room console. With the cost for installing and maintaining electronic security being a major business expense it is vital that you get the most out of it. If you require more information on this aspect of our business please contact us to arrange for a confidential meeting